Pearce’s reign ends

According to the FA, Stuart Pearce’s contract will not be renewed when it comes up for review at the end of this month. This comes soon after the disappointing exit from the U-21 European championship competition, a competition Spain just won a few hours ago. England’s loss to Italy could have been forgiven but a thumping 3-1 defeat by Norway, followed by a humiliating 1-0 loss to Israel left the young lions exiting the competition at the bottom of their group. Its a sad day for English football as Stuarts 6 year reign comes to a natural halt. After being sacked by Manchester City in 2007 he lead the U-21 Eland team to the semi finals of the European championship in the Netherlands.  He became full time manager in 2007 and later took the team to the European finals in Sweden loosing to Germany. This slow but steady increase however came crashing with the humiliating exit out of the 2013 championship. Stuart had argued he had not been able to call up a few players such as Oxlade Chamberlin, who were instead placed in the senior team for the Brazil friendly.

The rumour mills are circulating with possible replacements; Glen Hoddle, Phil Neville and even Gareth Southgate. Only time will tell. One thing for certain though, is that Stuart, though at times controversial and in recent times prone to blame every thing else on the defeats was probably not the direct cause of the defeats.

Though the results were shocking, the tournament perhaps highlighted the real underlying problem that will not be fixed with the departure of Stuart Pearce. The English team was by no means less talented than the rest of the other nations but it was arguably one of the least imaginative with the ball. Especially in the attacking front. This problem is also clearly evident in the senior team which adds more evidence to those that argue for a shift in management technique applied in England. For those still on the fence or against this idea, a simple question should get you thinking otherwise; what is the English style of play?

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