Podolski loyal to Gunners

Despite not securing the number 1 striker position at Arsenal and recent interest from Turkish giants Galatassary, Lukas Podolski has publicly stated his commitment to Arsenal.

In an interview with Spox.com  the Polish born German striker made the following statement.

“I feel very comfortable and I am completely satisfied with my first year in England. I have no intention to leave the club. Rumours are rumours and I cannot stop them.”

Podolski is undoubtedly a quality striker and with the Germans being the flavor of the year with a strong world cup performance last year and an all German champions league final this year, this will be good news to Gunners fans.

The fans however now know that the club must eradicate a curse they have suffered for a number of seasons now.

In order to progress, Arsenals transition period needs to come to an end in terms of loosing good players every season. They now seem to be in a position to rebuild and the current diversity of styles up front is one that easily become a force to reckon with if Arsene is able to capture just one deadly striker this summer.

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