Clash of the titans

At 7.45pm one of the greatest matches in the champions league this season (at least on paper) will kick off. United in Red against the the Real Madrid Galacticos in Green.

In typical style both managers have done all they can to hype the match and why not. The whole world will be watching and the commercial returns from this match on both teams is worth the effort. Both Managers also love being in the spot light for the right reasons Jose’s usual epic qoutes are in full force with claims of ROnaldo being as good as Messi and time stopping still for this match. Ferguson has spoken more about his belief of this team and no fear of Ronaldo. Surprisingly, both managers have been respectful to each other in the course of the two legs. Up until today that is. Both managers are also notoriously bad losers. So it is highly likely this will end on a sour note. Asides from the obvious, another main reason for this is the significance of this match. Not just for bragging rights or to show who is / has utilised Ronaldo to the best of abilities but more so because of the belief and strength a win would add to both teams, each with differing agenda.

United are so far ahead of their nearest rivals, Man city in the English premier league, that some bookies have started to pay off all winning bets. They are still in the FA cup and a win here would turn the whispers of another treble into serious conversations. Ferguson is also aware that Mourinho has won 21 trophies in 10 years, though he still has some way to go to beat Ferguson’s count of 30, Jose is definitely on course to do that. Ferguson would’ve promised a few people ya over normal returns on the RVP investment. So bearing in mind the premier league is being wrapped up, and RVP has given his 19 goals so far, the returns do not look so bad.

Mourinho on the other hand is in a different situation. He has a team so blessed with talent that the likes of Kaka, Modric and Essien are bench warmers. the investment has been there but the results unfortunately have not always followed. A Champions league win is a must otherwise it could surely spell the end for Jose and the likes of Ronaldo may decide to look else where. The situation at Real is not a disaster but as Barcelona appear to have La Liga in a choke hold, European silverware must be the target.

As per usual the result will depend on who takes their chances and what players will rise to the occasion. The first leg saw Danny Welbeck surprising but deservedly score and Ronaldo equalised with a soaring header. RVP was also surprising wasteful (though he did hit the post) and Rooney was forgettable. No surprise he starts on the bench. Di Maria, we feel, may surprise many and make a difference in this match.

In a few hours, when all the dust is settled and the smoke is cleared we will have one victor.


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