Ibrahimovich nose best

Not one to condone such behaviours but we did chuckle abit when we saw good old Joey had not lost his ladish sense of humour in France. Zatlan (supposedly a black belt marshal artist) appeared to have been far from impressed with the rather large finger drawing of his nose and left his response in the Marseille net. Twice. Giving PSG and Zatlan the victory in the French Super Cup. Ibrahimovich certainly nose how to make a point!(get it?)

Oh and Boy wonder Beckham made his first starting debut for PSG and played for around 86 minutes. Not bad Becks. See the image below for the moment when Beckham reveals that Ibrahimovich is indeed a black belt Marshal artist to Joey Barton.

David Beckham and Joey Barton - David Beckham's full debut for Paris Saint-Germain v Marseille in French Cup: live


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