The Swans sea off Bradford to lift the FA cup

Swansea came out the dominant force on this bitterly cold night to lift the FA Capital one cup as 2013 champions. In their 100th season in existence Laudrups men have won the teams first ever major trophy and are the first Welsh team to win the FA cup. The win has also granted them the opportunity to play European football for the first time, in the 2013/ 2014 season.

The usual suspects in terms of stand out players from Swansea rose to the challenge tonight to register goals for the swan. Dyer hit the mark first in the 15th minute after the Bradford city keeper, Duke, had made an initial save from a Michu strike. He was however unable to recover in time to stop Nathans drive into the bottom left corner. Michu again was in the thick of it for the second goal and scored in the 39th minute. it was 2-0 at half time. The second half continued more or less where it left off with Dyer again scoring in the 49th minute, this time sending the shot into the top left corner. Not one to miss out on the party De Guzman netted Swansea’s 4th but not without a moment of contention. Duke earned him self a red card when he brought down De Guzman in the 55th minute. Dyer was the obvious candidate based on the fact that this would be a potential rare hat trick in an FA cup final. De Guzman however fought to take the penalty he had earned and netted home his first and Swanseas 4th. Dyer was less than impressed but in any event it was Swansea 4 Bradford 0. De Guzman then rounded up the evening by scoring his 2nd and Swansea 5th in the 1st minute of extra time. Though Bradford are a division 2 team, the Swans defense were rock solid with Williams and co cleaning up at the back.

Though the outcome was some what expected, alot of credit must be given to Phil Parkinson and Bradford for reaching this far in the first instance. A team from division 2 in the finals of the Capital one cup is truly a rare sight. And they have disarmed a few big guns along away including Arsenal FC. The match today and he resulting lesson in whats required to be a football team in the Premier league will hopefully act as a motivational platform on which Bradford can build on and rise through the leagues into the top flight. The money from the tournament should also go a long way in ensuring the current squad is maintained and built on.

What is next is the key question. Phil Parkinsons contract is up for negotiation and this amazing cup run will only improve on his chances of staying on. Swansea however will be facing a different scenario. They will obviously want to keep their manager after he has now won his first trophy in his first year but Michael Laudrups successes will not have gone unnoticed in Europe especially at the Bernabau. Mourinho is rumored to be departing Real this summer and with Michael being a past player, and now an obviously talented manager, he would have certainly have earned the right to throw his name in the hat. only time will tell.

For now though, Swansea fans will share comfort in the fact that the Swans left the Valleys this week with their sights set on silver ware. Though elegant in play this bird of prey is now on its way back from Wembley with the Cup as promised. The only question to answer now is will clean up the mess after the party in the valley is done?!


Lineup, Bookings (2) & Substitutions (6) (courtesy of

Bradford City

  • 12 Duke Dismissed
  • 02 Darby
  • 16 McHugh
  • 23 McArdle
  • 27 Good (Davies – 46′ )
  • 11 Thompson (Hines – 73′ )
  • 14 Atkinson
  • 18 Jones
  • 24 Doyle
  • 09 Hanson
  • 21 Wells (McLaughlin – 57′ )


  • 01 McLaughlin
  • 05 Davies
  • 04 Ravenhill
  • 07 Reid
  • 26 Turgott
  • 17 Connell
  • 20 Hines

Swansea City

  • 25 Tremmel
  • 06 Williams
  • 22 Rangel
  • 33 Davies (Tiendalli – 84′ )
  • 07 Britton
  • 09 Michu
  • 11 Pablo
  • 12 Dyer (Lamah – 77′ )
  • 15 Routledge
  • 20 De Guzman
  • 24 Ki Sung-Yeung Booked (Monk – 62′ )


  • 01 Vorm
  • 16 Monk
  • 21 Tiendalli
  • 26 Agustien
  • 14 Lamah
  • 17 Shechter
  • 19 Moore
Ref: Friend
Att: 82,597

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